Sven Kesselring / Professor 

Dr. Sven Kesselring is a sociologist and a leading authority on mobility. He is professor in mobility, governance and planning at Aalborg University, Denmark, and the head of mobilities research at the Munich-based Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH. In 2004 he was the founder of the Cosmobilities Network.

He has published extensively in the field of interdisciplinary mobilities research, and has co-edited in 2009 with Saulo Cwerner and John Urry: ‘Aeromobilities’. London: Routledge; in 2008 with Weert Canzler and Vincent Kaufmann ‘Tracing Mobilities. Towards a cosmopolitan perspective’. Aldershot, Burlington: Ashgate. His other major publications include Beck, Ulrich; Hajer, Maarten; Kesselring, Sven (eds.) (1999): ‘Der unscharfe Ort der Politik (Ambivalent Places of Politics)’. Opladen: Leske + Budrich; and Kesselring, Sven (2006): ‘Pioneering Mobilities. New patterns of movement and motility in a mobile world’. In: Environment and Planning A, 38, 2, pp. 269–279. Sven is also the co-author of the anthology New Mobilities Regimes in Arts and Social Science. For further interest look here.


Malene Freudendal-Pedersen / Associate Professor

Doctor of sociology, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen at he Department of Enviromental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University, Denmark. Malene is Head of Studies of Planning Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark. Her research focuses on everyday life mobilities. Malene’s research focuses on mobilities in late modern everyday life. With a point of departure in transport research Malene examine why and how we choose specific modes of transport in everyday life and the meaning and significance this has for lived life. Mobility behavior can not be understood though, from a narrow understanding of everyday life when it is produced and reproduced on multiple societal scales. Thus of big important to Malene’s research is also looking at sustainable mobility as a possible future utopia. This is elaborated in the book Mobility in daily life from Ashgate  2009. 

The research is theoretically based in late modern everyday life with focus on central concepts such as time, space, place, communities, freedom, risks and ambivalences primarily from sociological and geographical perspectives. Malene also put a lot of emphasis on discussions of methods and theory of science. For further information on Malene’s work and publication look here.


Chelsea Tschoerner / Ph.D.-fellow

Chelsea is doing her research on ‘Sustainability and the Governance of Transport Policy in the Region of Munich’. Chelsea is a Ph.D.-student at the Technical University of Munich and Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany. Chelsea is part of the doctoral research group mobil.LAB (Hans Böckler Foundation) ‘Sustainable Mobility in the Metropolitan Region of Munich’. Chelsea hold a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and a Master of Arts in Social Science, Global Studies Program, a joint program between Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Institut für Soziologie, and FLACSO Argentinien.

Chelsea is really interested in the politics and policies of transportation, mobilities, and sustainable mobility. Read more about Chelsea work and publications here.


Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland / Ph.D.-fellow

Emmy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning Studies and Communication, and a Master of Arts in Urban Planning Studies and Geography from Roskilde University. Beside working on the Mobilities, Futures & the City project, Emmy is teaching at Urban Planning Studies, editor in Centre for Action Research, and project manager for the conference Networked Urban Mobilities, the 10th Anniversary Cosmobilities Conference.   

Emmy’s has worked with the Danish Architecture Centre and Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants. In relation to her work at Gehl Architects, Emmy worked as research assistant on the book ‘How to Study Public Life‘ (2012). For further information about Emmy check her profile here


Line Thorup / Ph.D.-fellow

Line is doing her research as part of the MFC-project. The title for her Ph.d. is Discourses of mobilities futures in arts and social science. Line holds a Master of Science in Geography and Planning Studies from Roskilde University, DK.

Read more about Line and follow her work on 


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